US and EU to slap sanctions on Turkey

Brussels/Washington: – The United States and European Union (EU) have raised the baton of action against Turkey, who is trampling the NATO regulations, since the last few months. EU announced limited sanctions against Turkey, who has created tension in the Mediterranean Sea and is threatening the NATO members. Whereas, it is being claimed that the Trump administration in the United States, infuriated with the purchase of the Russian S-400 system by Turkey, despite repeated warnings, will soon announce sanctions. Meanwhile, Turkey has reacted that the decision of the EU is unilateral. Whereas, Turkey has warned that the US sanctions will affect bilateral relations. The action was taken during the EU meeting held in Brussels, on Friday, accusing Turkey of being responsible for the tension reigning in the Mediterranean Sea region. France, Greece and Cyprus demanded that sanctions should be imposed against Turkey for intruding into the marine regions of Cyprus and Greece for oil exploration. France had demanded that the process of inclusion of Turkey into the EU should be stopped and Turkey should be excluded even from the customs tariff union. It is claimed that if the French demand had been accepted, the Turkish economy, already in trouble, would have been severely jolted. But the French proposal for harsh sanctions did not receive the requisite support. But pinning the responsibility of the tension in the Mediterranean region on Turkey, the EU announced that limited sanctions are being imposed on Turkey. The EU clarified that these sanctions would be against the Turkish company and officials responsible for planning and taking the initiative in the oil exploration activity. The EU has already imposed sanctions on the Turkish Petroleum Corporation, who participated in the oil exploration. Other companies also have been included in the list for sanctions along with this company.   

This limited sanctions action against Turkey, will be only till March. The European Media believe that decision to impose tough sanctions could be taken after that. French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the EU decision. Whereas, Turkey, restless with the EU decision called it a unilateral and illegal decision. The Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement issued that Turkey was refusing to accept the decision.   

Even before these sanctions by the EU, reports of sanctions by the United States against Turkey had been received. The Trump administration is upset as Turkey has purchased S-400, the advanced air defence system from Russia. The US officials informed while speaking to the media that President Trump will soon be imposing sanctions against Turkey to express his displeasure. Western media are claiming that these sanctions will rock the Turkish economy. Whereas, a section of the US media claimed that the US Senate is hurrying in the matter of sanctions against Turkey.   

Meanwhile, the United States has already eliminated Turkey from the cooperation regarding the F-35 stealth fighter jets, for the S-400 cooperation with Russia. 

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