Turkey will increase activities in the Mediterranean Sea for oil deposits, threatens President Erdogan 

Istanbul: – While tension prevails over the Turkish ship, sailing near the Greece marine limits, Turkish President Recep Erdogan has issued a new threat. President Erdogan threatened that Turkey will be deploying an additional ship, in the Mediterranean Sea and will increase the scope of the campaigns for oil exploration. The Turkish President, while inciting with an announcement of new campaigns in the Mediterranean Sea, also announced that Natural gas deposits of 320 billion Cubic metres were found in the Black Sea region. Against this very background, Greek analysts have warned that it is high time that Europe reins in the Turkish ambitions, in the Mediterranean Sea.  


Mediterranean Sea

Two weeks ago, Turkey announced ‘Navtex Alert’ and sent Oruc Reis, a research ship, along with two other ships for research, in the Mediterranean Sea. A severe reaction had been received from Greece over this announcement. Greece had warned that Turkey should stop these activities, threatening peace and stability in the Mediterranean Sea region, with immediate effect. The United States, as well as the European Union and NATO, had expressed displeasure over the Turkish activities. France decided to strengthen the security deployment in the Mediterranean region and deployed the destroyer La Fayette and Rafale fighter jets, given the increased tension in the region due to the Turkish activities.   

But the tensions in the region festered further as Turkey continued with its activities. The Turkish President has added further, to the tension, with his announcement another marine campaign in the region. On Friday, President Erdogan informed that a ship named Kanuni would be sent to the Mediterranean Sea region, while speaking at a function in Istanbul. At the same time, President Erdogan announced that the Turkish oil exploration campaign in the Black Sea had met with major success.   

Mediterranean Sea

He said that Fatih, a Turkish ship, discovered a natural gas deposit of 320 billion Cubic metres, in the Black sea. President Erdogan said that this was the biggest gas deposit ever found in Turkish history. He also claimed that gas extraction from this deposit would start in the next three years. Erdogan also warned, at this time, that Turkey will not stop the exploration activities till the time Turkey attains the status of an Oil exporter.   

Meanwhile, tones of concerns are being heard from Greece over the increasing Turkish activities. Greek analyst Marco Vicenzino warned that the Turkish activities in the Mediterranean Sea are no more a bilateral issue and the European countries, should urgently intervene, to rein in the ambitions of Erdogan. 

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