Turkey warns Libyan rebels of dire consequences, chances of conflict flaring up again in Libya

Benghazi: – Turkey is fuming because of the action taken by the Libyan Haftar rebels against a suspicious ship. Turkey has threatened that the Haftar rebels who took action against the Turkish vessel will have to face dire consequences. Whereas, the Syrian human rights organisation has accused that Turkey is continuing to send mercenaries and terrorists into Libya without caring for the ceasefire imposed there. Claims of the conflict flaring up, once again, in Libya are being made because of the secret deployment of mercenaries and the threat issued by Turkey to the Haftar rebels.  

turkey-libya A ceasefire was agreed, in October, between the revolutionary Libyan Sarraj government, supported by Turkey, and the rebels led by General Khalifa Haftar. After that, the conflict in Libya had been stopped. But two days ago, a Syrian human rights organisation accused that under cover of the ceasefire, Turkey, secretly sent mercenaries and terrorists into Libya and is preparing to send more in the next week. In November, Turkey had sent 18,000 Syrian and 2,500 Tunisian mercenaries into Libya. The organisation expressed concerns that these included 350 children. The human rights organisation claimed that 10,000 of these mercenaries are still present in Libya. 

Moreover, the organisation claimed two days ago that Turkey was preparing to send more mercenaries into Libya in the next week. One of the news agencies in the Gulf accused that Turkey is using military aircraft to transport these mercenaries into Libya. Even in the past, Turkey has transported terrorists from Syria, in military uniforms, to Libya in passenger airliners.  

While the accusations of the human rights organisation are fresh, a Turkish freight ship suspiciously entered the Libyan waters. The Haftar rebels seized the vessel as the vessel failed to respond to the cautions and warnings issued by the Haftar rebels. Turkey is extremely infuriated with this action taken by the Haftar rebels. The Turkish foreign ministry warned, ‘Those targeting Turkish interests in Libya will soon face dire consequences.’ Even in the past, France, Egypt and UAE had accused that Turkey is violating international regulations by smuggling weapons for the Sarraj government in Libya using freight liners. The Haftar rebels had even attacked these vessels docked in the Tripoli port. Turkey had dismissed the accusations of arms smuggling. But following the use of Turkish drones and missiles by the Sarraj government during the conflict, the Turkish lie was exposed. Media in the west, as well as Gulf and Africa, are expressing concerns over the explosive Turkish activities. The ceasefire in Libya could be threatened due to Turkish actions. In that scenario, a front of Russia, France, Egypt and UAE will come forward to help the Haftar rebels. This will cause flaring up of the Libyan conflict once again.   

Meanwhile, it was reported that Turkey had made preparations to send mercenaries and terrorists into Pakistan occupied Kashmir to start a conflict against India, similar to Libya. It has also been reported that Turkey is paying these terrorists heavily for this assignment. Whereas, Turkey had also deployed Syrian terrorists in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war to fight for Azerbaijan. 

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