Turkey police detain 6000 rebels in what Erdogan terms as a ‘Virus cleanup’

Ankara/ Istanbul (Press) : President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has given a stern warning to rebels to be made to pay heavy price who orchestrated a foiled attempt of his murder with the help of rebel military officers. Erdogan further stated that the current failed coup attempt has presented Turkey an opportunity to clean the ‘virus’ from all state institutions. Erdogan confirmed that Turkey police have detained 6000 suspects in the coup attempt for collaborating with rebel military officers.

Erdogan - 'Virus cleanup'

On Friday 15th July night, the rebel group had planned to capture prominent places in the capital city of Ankara, knowing that President Erdogan is outside of Turkey. The rebel groups used F-16 fighter planes and combat helicopters to launch the attack on the Parliament building and other prominent government offices. The rebel groups also captured a government TV broadcasting office and issued a message to the people of Turkey. The announcement was to objectify the attack by stating that it is against the Erdogan government and to protect Democracy, Judicial system and Human Rights.

On receiving information of the attack, President Erdogan appealed to the people of Turkey to come out on the streets and confront the rebel groups. Thousands of civilians came on the streets to confront,along with pro government police and military personnel. In a confrontation which lasted for more than 8 hours, more than 256 people were killed.

The rebel groups bulldozed the protesting civilians by charging with military tank and opened fire on supporters of Erdogan. While in some cases the civilians lynched a few rebel military officers whereas in others, an angry mob attacked and even beheaded a rebel military personnel. Around 2839 rebel officers were arrested.

President Erdogan landed in Istanbul Ataturk airport in the late evening of Saturday 16th July and announced severe punishment to the culprits of the coup attempt. Later Turkish Securities arrested more than 2700 culprits and were charged with the attempt of providing financial and other assistance to the rebel groups.

Law minister of Turkey,Bekir Bozdag,stated that more than 300 suspects have already been detained and possibility of detaining more from within the government establishment cannot be ruled out. Turkey’s Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim stated that, post the failed coup attempt there could be a proposed revision in the law pertaining to death penalty.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, has accused cleric Fethulla Gulen who is presently in the U.S., of instigating and plotting the coup against his government. The extradition of Fethulla Gulen is demanded by Turkey. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, also warned to go in war against any country supporting Fethulla Gulen. The warning of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim seems to be directed to the U.S., even though the Prime Minister has not named any particular country to go in war against, for supporting Fethulla Gulen. Turkey, being one of the ally nations in NATO, and still threatening the U.S. is a sign of strained relations between the U.S. and Turkey.

American news reported that President Erdogan sought Germany’s help to provide asylum which was refused. A similar attempt was made with the UK. In the wake of the coup attempt, President Erdogan has been attempting to seek asylum from other countries as well.

Fethulla Gulen accuses President Erdogan to have staged the coup

Fethulla Gulen accuses President Erdogan

Fethulla Gulen denies of having any connection with the recent coup attempt in Turkey against the Government and has accused President Erdogan to having staged the coup. Fethulla Gulen made a statement in a press conference held in Pennsylvania, U.S.

Fethulla Gulen expressed that it is surprising that world believes President Erdogan’s accusations. Fethulla Gulen has accused President Erdogan of staging the coup with the help of few military personnel. Fethulla Gulen expressed that he would love to return to Turkey, however in the current political turmoil, he enjoys his freedom in the U.S. and would continue to do so.

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