Threat from Iran still looms over America and its allies; US CENTCOM Chief

Third World WarBaghdad: Iran has withdrawn from its activities in the Persian Gulf due to the aggressive deployment of US military in the region. However, this has not reduced the threat that the US and its allies pose from Iran in the Gulf. The Head of US Central command, Frank McKenziehas stated that the threat that Iran still poses, has not reduced. He has further said that if the US perceives elevated danger in future, then it will seek additional deployments in the Gulf. Last month, US President, Donald Trump had ordered large military deployment in the Persian Gulf for protection of the US, its allies & the oil trade.Iran has deployed rockets on its patrolling boats the Gulf of Hormuz; the US has stated that this act Iran can threaten the maritime security in the region. Due to these developments, the US has deployed it Aircraft Carries U.S.S Abraham Lincoln with its fleet, squadron of B52 Bombers, patriot missile air defence system & additional forces have been deployed. Following the above development, last week, the US had organized large war games in the Persian Gulf region.It is said that, due to these deployments,Iran’s activate in the gulf of hormuz have subsided. During an interview, on a news channel in the US, general Frank McKenzie has stated that the threat from Iran persists.


threat, iran, centcom, usGeneral Frank McKenziehas stated that Iran can attack American interest and allies in the Gulf by using it spies in Iran, Syria, Yemen & Lebanon. He has additionally said that in such circumstances, he would not hesitate to ask for additional deployment in Gulf.

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