Third World War inevitable, China warns US

Beijing (News Agency) – China’s Military through their ‘White Paper’ has warned US not to interfere in the ‘South China Sea’ issue or else it could trigger the Third World War. On the other hand China has issued notice to their military to discard its defensive mode and adopt an aggressive mode as a preparation for the Third World War. British newspaper ‘Daily Express’ published information from the Chinese ‘White Paper’. On the ‘South China Sea’ dispute, senior officials of the Chinese Military are travelling to US for discussions.

‘ Third World War ’ inevitable- China warns US

Ten years earlier, military daily ‘Global Times’ had issued warning to US of consequences leading to war. US has been appealing to China to stop the construction of artificial islands in ‘South China Sea’. Chinese daily had warned that if US does not stop persuading China, then war can trigger between the two countries. Till recently Chinese Government had not paid much heed to US’s comments about ‘South China Sea’, but last week ‘People’s Liberation Army’ of China released it’s ‘White Paper’ issuing stern warning to US.

On the back drop of ‘South China Sea’ dispute, cyber-attacks and increasing corruption in the Chinese military, the International military analysts are keenly analysing the ‘White Paper’ to understand the policies of the Chinese military for the coming year. British daily has mentioned that based on the content of the ‘White Paper’, China would adopt an aggressive military policies. China has firmly stated to continue construction of artificial islands in ‘South China Sea’ and through the ‘White Paper’ has warned that Third World war may trigger against any nations interfering in these oceanic territories.

China has ordered their military to remain prepared for this Third World War. China has appealed their military to be more aggressive to protect their marine interests and increase the production of medium to long range missiles in order to improve their strike capabilities. ‘White Paper’ states that the military has played a defensive role in the ‘South China Sea’ dispute which is scorching since past one year, however in times to come, China has appealed the military to be more aggressive.

Since past year China has begun construction of artificial islands in the Spratly island region of ‘South China Sea’. Philippine Military on the basis of satellite images published that China is constructing total eight artificial islands. Chinese Navy threatened Philippine Destroyer after they had opposed China for the construction of these islands. China mentioned that they possess the rights over these oceanic territories and advised other nations to stay away from it. This aggressive approach of China has caused growing tensions amidst China and neighboring nations.

South East Asian nations such as Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia hadopposed China. Philippines had objected to the constructions in ‘South China Sea’ and also demanded US intervention. US had advised China to refrain from any construction and warned China by submarine warfare with alliance of South Korean Navy.

US also deployed Naval and Air Vigilance in ‘South China Sea’for security of South East Asian nations. China’s battle ship obstructedand indicated US air craft performing aerial vigilance to abort after which the tensions amidst ‘South China Sea’ had escalated.

Now China having warned US through ‘White Paper’ for the possibility of Third World War over the issue of ‘South China Sea’, the tensions in this region has intensified.

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