Taliban takes over Afghanistan

Kabul – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has resigned after surrendering to the Taliban. This caused chaos in Kabul. Besides, all other countries except Russia closed their embassies in Kabul and summoned their officials and staff. Disillusioned Afghans lined up outside ATMs to withdraw as much money as possible. The Taliban have gone back on their word that they will not enter Kabul, and there have been reports of Taliban militants infiltrating Kabul. There are already clear indications that the world will have to bear the brunt of the chaos in Afghanistan.


Taliban, Kabul, Afghanistan, Ashraf GhaniAshraf Ghani resigned while the Taliban militants were still a few minutes away from the capital Kabul. The subsequent resignation appears to be part of a series of negotiations between the United States and the Taliban. Earlier, US Special Envoy Zalmai Khalilzad met with NATO officials and Ashraf Ghani. Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who attended the talks in Doha, also met Ashraf Ghani. Afghan leaders are said to have begun the process of safely evacuating them from the Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani and Vice President Amrullah Saleh are claimed to have gone to Tajikistan along with their families. Photographs have surfaced of other leaders of the Afghan government landing at Pakistan’s Islamabad airport. Since then, Taliban militants have infiltrated Kabul and looted some places. Now the question of where to go for their safety is a matter of concern to the hapless Afghan people. The US embassy in Kabul has instructed US citizens on social media to seek refuge in safe places.

Taliban, Kabul, Afghanistan, Ashraf GhaniThe US embassy informed that there was a firing at the Kabul International Airport. All major countries flew their planes to repatriate their embassy staff in Kabul. This had increased the tension at the airport. India has also repatriated its staff and citizens, for which a special Air India flight landed in Kabul. So far, 126 Indians have landed at the New Delhi airport.

There was a contingency plan to repatriate Indians from Afghanistan, officials said. All the countries bordering Afghanistan have closed their borders. But Pakistan is celebrating the success of the Taliban.

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