Taiwan responds to Chinese war drills with missile tests

Taipei/Beijing: Taiwan has started a spate of missile tests. The missile tests, started by Taiwan, will continue till Wednesday. These include tests of missiles capable of targeting China. Four days ago, China announced month-long war exercises in the South China Sea. Thereafter, Taiwan seems to have issued a warning to China by revealing information regarding these missile tests.

Taiwan responds to Chinese war drills with missile testsAs per the information published by the Council of Agriculture and Taiwan Fisheries Agencies, Taiwan started missile tests on the 3rd of March. National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, the Taiwanese department developing weapons and technology, is conducting these tests. Two missiles were tested on Wednesday and Thursday, and four to five more missiles will be tested between 10th and 19th March.

The range of the missiles tested over the last two days was 300 kilometres. Whereas the missiles to be tested in the next week will have a range of 600 kilometres. These include Hsiung Feng IIE cruise missiles and Thunderbolt-2000 tactical rocket. These missiles can hit targets deep in the Fujian province of China.

China has taken note of these Taiwanese missile tests. Therefore, China has deployed its Dong Fang Hong 3 research ship in the South China Sea and near the Taiwanese Gulf to assess the capabilities of the Taiwanese missiles. Other than this, Taiwan is also holding a live-fire exercise on Pratas Island.

Taiwan responds to Chinese war drills with missile testsTaiwan is also holding war exercises on the Taiping Islands on the 23rd of March. Both these islands are in the South China Sea region, and China is claiming sovereign rights over these islands. Therefore, the US media claims that Taiwan is issuing a warning to China by holding these missile tests and war exercises.

Only four days ago, China announced war exercises that would last for a month in the South China Sea region. Although these exercises are being held near the marine limits of the Chinese Hainan province, China has warned that no foreign ships or patrol vessels should venture in five kilometres radius of the location of exercises. In such a situation, Taiwan has issued a warning to the aggressive regime of President Jinping with the missile tests.

Li Keqiang, the Chinese Prime Minister, announced that the Chinese government would continue its efforts to amicably include Taiwan in China by creating camaraderie between the two. Simultaneously, the Chinese Prime Minister also issued a threat that China will not tolerate any efforts for an independent Taiwan, and China will certainly pull the efforts down.

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