Syrian army initiates actions near the Golan Hills of Israel 

Damascus: – Syria made a demand in the United Nations that Israel should immediately give up control over the Golan Hills. It is reported that within two days of making this demand, the Syrian military has started actions near the Golan Hills border. It has also been reported that the Iran affiliated groups also are assembling near the Golan Hills border. Therefore, the possibility of a conflict sparking between Israel and Syria in the Golan Hills region has become more robust.   

Syria had announced two months ago, that freeing the Golan Hills from the clutches of Israel, is its priority. After that, Syria increased its activities on the southern border. Last week, reports were being received that Syria has increased its military deployments, in the Golan Hills border areas. Syrian increased its deployment greatly, in the Al Quneitra and south Syria regions. While increasing this deployment, the Syrian Ambassador to the United Nations, Husameddin Alaa raised the Golan Hills issue in the UN Human Rights Council.  

Ambassador Alaa demanded that Israel should immediately give up its control over the southern part of the Golan Hills. Alaa criticised that Israel has illegally acquired this region and made its laws applicable. The Syrian Ambassador accused that the occupation of this region and excavation of mineral ores, by Israel, is illegal and it has also violated Human Rights. The media reported that in the next two days, Syria started its military activities in the region.   

At the same time, information is being received that in some parts, Iran affiliated terrorist groups also are seen with the Syrian military. Israel has already declared that the presence of Iranian Revolutionary Guards or Hezbollah or the Iran related terrorist groups, near the Golan Hills border, will not be tolerated. Israel had warned that if the threat is created for Golan Hills, Israel will take action holding Syria entirely responsible. Israel also has increased its deployment in the Golan Hills border region.   

Meanwhile, two months ago, Major General Ismail Ghani, the Chief of the Iranian Quds Forces had visited Syria. He had reportedly discussed the scheme of an attack on Israel, during his meeting with the Syrian leaders. While Ghani was on a visit to Syria, there were massive airstrikes on the Damascus airport. Major Ghani escaped the attacks by a whisker. The Syrian media claimed that the Israeli fighter jets carried out these airstrikes. Whereas, the Israeli military had avoided commenting regarding the airstrikes. 

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