Syrian Army and Russian fighter jet attacks kill 350 people in ‘Eastern Ghouta’

Damascus/ New York: 350 people have been killed and 900 have been injured in the conflict which has begun from the last five days in the Eastern Ghouta region in Syria. The attacks of the Syrian army and Russian fighter jet are not coming to a stop, criticised the Human Rights and the International Medical organisations. But, Russia has held rebels to be responsible for the attacks in the Eastern Ghouta and has warned it will continue to attack.

syria, russia, ghouta, attackDeadly air strikes are being carried out in the Eastern Ghouta region near the Syrian capital Damascus, since Sunday. Locals informed media that the Russian fighter jets are providing support to the operation led by the Syrian army against the US-backedrebels. Syrian army and Russia have claimed to attack the rebels. But, the local and International organisations are complaining that the civilians in Eastern Ghouta are falling prey to these attacks.

Millions of civilians have been dishoused and about four hundred thousand have taken temporary shelter in the basements of the buildings. ‘These people are not even getting a chance to shift to a safe place from the basement, locals informed international news agencies. The organisation ‘Doctors Without Borders’ has criticised that about 13 hospitals and diagnostic centres have been damaged and hundreds of injured civilians are deprived of treatment.

The Russian air attacks are targeting the residential buildings and around 878 people have been injured in the attacks, informed the United Nations Human Rights Organisation. ‘Eastern Ghouta’ is hardly 10 miles away from the capital, Damascus. An officer of the UN said that although it is possible to shift these injured to Damascus in an ambulance, it is difficult even to take these people out from the basement due to Russian airstrikes.

While Syria and Russia are being held responsible for the attacks in Eastern Ghouta, Russia has dismissed the allegations. ‘Russia had to act as the rebels in this area violated the peace talks,’ claimed the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russia is alleging that the rebels in Eastern Ghouta have violated the ceasefire by attacking the capital Damascus. Like Eastern Ghouta, Syria has started action in the ‘Idlib’, “Hama’ and ‘Al-Suwayda’ regions under the pretext of violation of ceasefire.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has expressed concern over the Eastern Ghouta conflict and has appealed for a Security Council meeting. The US envoy to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has demanded that the United Nations should send a team to help the civilian population in Eastern Ghouta.

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