Syria will give more shocks to Israel, if Israel continues to attack, warns Syria

Damascus / Jerusalem: ‘If Israel continues the aggression by carrying out attacks in the times to come, Israel will have to face new shocks’, threatened the Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Ayman Susan. Israel has reacted to the Syrian threat. ‘There can be no restrictions on the Israel military actions. The attacks will continue even in the future,’ warned Israeli Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

syria, israel, anti-aircraft, attackSyria has claimed to have shot down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet with the anti-missile system that launched an attack in Syria last Saturday. This attack by the Syrian army, on the Israeli jet, was unexpected. This attack must have been a surprising shock for Israel, claimed the Syrian government.

‘Israel seems to have a misconception that the Syrian army must have suffered heavy losses in the civil war over the past 6 years. That is why the shooting down of its jet by Syrian army must have come as a major shock to Israel. Therefore, henceforth we will be giving such surprise shocks wherever Israel tries to attack Syria,’ warned Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Susan. But Susan avoided giving any further details.

After this attack Israel has claimed that they have destroyed the batteries of the anti-aircraft systems in Syria. But, the Israel army has not published any official information about this. Syria also has avoided talking about this. Shooting down an Israeli F-16 fighter jet is claimed to be a major victory for Syria.

There are reactions emerging from Israel on the Syrian threat. Israeli Defence Minister Lieberman has warned Syria in a curt language. ‘This is not a time to bark but to bite’, Lieberman lashed out. ‘Last week, Israeli fighter jets had carried out the action in Syria with full responsibility and it will continue to carry out attacks in Syria. No restrictions will be imposed on the Israeli military actions,’ warned Lieberman. Yisrael Katz, the Intelligence Minister of Israel has issued a straight warning to Iran. We will teach an unforgettable lesson to Iran, warned Katz.

Meanwhile, after Syrian army shot down F-16 planes, there are reports of major Israeli military movements near the Syrian border. Therefore, possibility is being expressed of Israel starting a new conflict in Syria.

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