Sweden should be prepared for the ‘Third World War’- Swedish Army Chief

Stockholm (News Agency) : Swedish Army chief Gen. Anders Brannstrom has warned that  the global situation of today has a resemblance to the pre-World War II times. He further said that, “Our nation stood strong during Second World War. But the present situation is not same. The Third World War is round the corner and Sweden will have to participate in it for its own security”. Army Chief Anders Brannstrom also warned the military and administrative officers that Swedish armed forces will have to face an enemy skilled in warfare”.

Swedish Military Chief

Swedish Army will begin its military drills next week. Prior to the drills a 28-page report has been published providing clear directions to Swedish military officials and soldiers through the report. Meanwhile Gen. Anders Brannstrom in his interview to a newspaper has put forth his stern views over the security challenges. Recalling how Sweden stood strong during the Second World War, in spite all its neighbouring nations participating in the War. He further emphasized that Sweden was able to avoid consequential loss by staying away from the war; however present situation was different and that the Third World War was inevitable.

A deadly challenge in the form of terrorist organization ‘ISIS’ is set forth before Europe and the whole world. Also Russia and western powers are fighting against each other over the Ukraine issue. This is a similar situation as was in the year 1930 and the Third World War is just round the corner, claimed General Brannstrom. Army Chief Anders Brannstrom held the nation’s policy of allowing migrant influx responsible for growing internal security concerns in Sweden and in European countries. However while mentioning about the policies; General Brannstrom has refrained from commenting on the nation’s political leadership.

Army Chief Anders Brannstrom advised the military and administrative officers to enhance their alertness and capabilities to safeguard the nation from dangers posed by current situation and that the Sweden‘s military will have to face enemies trained for war; military will have to prepare to face dangerous situations.

Few newspapers have reported of the current situation in Europe to have reached beyond scary-levels after basing their claim on Gen. Brannstrom’s statement as Sweden has never waged war in the past 200 years. Meanwhile various newspapers have claimed it is necessary to pay attention to this warning issued by the army chief of a nation like Sweden while the ‘ISIS’ terrorists are attempting to enter European countries hidden in the crowd of migrants.

Sweden to deport 80 thousand migrants

Sweden’s Home Affairs Minister Anders Ygeman has announced to expel nearly 80 thousands migrants who have entered the country. Ygeman said that these infiltrators cannot be termed as migrants and actions will be taken on them. An independent airplane will be arranged to deport these migrants announced Ygeman.

Demands were merging in EU countries to welcome those migrating out of fear of ‘ISIS’ from Syria and Iraq to save their lives. However it is getting evident that the count of migrants from other nations entering European countries is much higher than the migrants originating from Iraq, Syria and other by ‘IS’ terrorized nations.

This is causing the opposition against the migrants to intensify while local residents raising questions over the acceptance of migrants entering EU countries eyeing financial gains. Sweden has confirmed the count of intruders in the country who cannot be deemed as migrants to be between 60,000 to 80,000.

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