South Africa welcomes Indian PM Narendra Modi, discusses bilateral trade

Pretoria: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed satisfaction on his Uganda visit saying it to be successful. The Prime Minster arrived in South Africa from Uganda to participate in the BRICS summit. This summit will make efforts to increase the cooperation between the BRICS nations and the African nations. In view of this, the summit holds significance.

The Indian Prime Minister assured that India will provide all the essential aid for the development of Uganda. At that time, the Prime Minister also announced a financial aid of $200 million to Uganda. He also gave some valuable advice to the Ugandan leadership, while declaring the aid. Uganda should not be enticed by the cheap machines and equipment. Though the Indian equipment may seem costly, it should be noted that they are long lasting, said the Prime Minister.

south africa, narendra modi, india, bulateral tradeAlthough there was no direct mention, the Prime Minister targeted the Chinese equipment which are less expensive but lack quality. It seems even China is taking aggressive steps to increase its influence in the African continent. The Chinese President too visited a few African countries during the BRICS summit. The visits of the Indian Prime Minister and the Chinese President to various African countries only show that the competition between the two countries has reached the African continent.

Prime Minister Modi honestly put forward the stand that India was not interested in such competition. The Prime Minister expressed a hope that the African continent does not become a battlefield for ambitions and competitions. The Prime Minister seems to have delivered this blow to China who is desperate to increase its influence and domination to establish military bases in the African countries, without referring it. The highway of cooperation to the African counties is freedom of navigation in the seas. The Prime Minister appealed that everyone’s interests will be fulfilled by this.

Prime Minister Modi will be participating in the three-day BRICS summit in South Africa and will have one-to-one meetings with the Heads of States of the member nations. It indicates that the main topic of discussion in the BRICS summit this time will be the trade war between the United States with China and the United States with the European Union.

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