Seven Indians abducted in Libya released

Tripoli: – Seven Indians, who had been abducted in Libya by terrorists, have been released. The Indian Ambassador to Tunisia, Punit Roy Kundal, gave this information. These Indians were in the custody of the terrorists for the last 25 days.  

On 14th September, terrorists kidnapped seven Indians, who were on their way to Tripoli airport, from the Ashwarif area. Following the incident, the Indian foreign ministry initiated efforts to secure their release. The foreign ministry recently released information regarding the incident. The Indian embassy in Tunisia was in constant contact with the Libyan government and international organisations for the release of these Indians.   

The Indian embassy in neighbouring Tunisia was assigned the responsibility to connect with the Libyan agencies to secure the release of the Indians, as India does not have an embassy in Libya. Finally, these people were released on Monday. The abducted people are residents from Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.  

Following the collapse of the Gaddafi rule in 2011, instability yet prevails in Libya, and there is a civil war ravaging the country. India brought back thousands of Indians in 2011 from Libya through the Indian Air Force and Naval campaign, Operation Safe Homecoming. But nearly 3,000 Indians decided to stay back in Libya of their own will. After the situation deteriorated further, in 2015, India imposed travel restrictions on Libya. 

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