Security forces foil a terror plot more dreadful than Pulwama

New Delhi: – The Indian security forces foiled a terror attack which was more horrific than the Pulwama attack on Thursday. Terrorists from Hizbul Mujahideen and Jaish-e-Mohammed had planned to attack a CRPF convoy of 20 vehicles carrying 400 soldiers. The security forces caught the terror vehicle, carrying explosives after a thrilling chase. The terrorists abandoned the car in the Ayangund area in Pulwama and escaped. Jammu-Kashmir police informed that the quantity of ammunition was much more than the Pulwama attack. The Jammu-Kashmir police reported that the security forces have launched a massive search operation to locate the Pakistani terrorists involved in the plot. 

More than 40 terrorists from Hizbul, including Riyaz Naikoo, have been killed in Jammu-Kashmir in the last two months. This has made the terrorist outfits restless and despondent and, in this scenario, they are trying to demonstrate their strength in every possible way. Hizbul and Jaish have joined hands for this purpose. The intelligence agencies had warned a few days ago that these outfits are planning a big operation.

On Wednesday, the security forces were tipped off regarding this terror plot. Thereafter the security forces created roadblocks and check posts all over the area. This brought the terrorists face-to-face with the security forces. The security personnel signalled one of the Santro cars to stop at one of the check posts. But the terrorists in the vehicle escaped with the car. Despite a warning issued by the second check post, by firing in the air, the terrorists tried to escape even from there. The car was continuously being chased. Finally, the terrorists abandoned the car at a dark spot and escaped. The Jammu-Kashmir police informed that unit chasing the car waited till the morning after verifying the identity of the car for further assistance.

There was a massive quantity of explosives in the car. There was a possibility of an explosion while diffusing the devices. The police informed that therefore, the vehicle was made to explode taking all the security precautions. The car was expected to have nearly 25 to 30 kgs of explosives. But looking at the intensity of the explosives, experts claimed that there could be about 45 kgs of explosives in the car. The terrorists had used Ammonium Nitrate and RDX to prepare the IED. The explosives were arranged in the car in such a way that if the car had collided with the CRPF convoy, an explosion of a much higher magnitude than the previous Pulwama attack would have been triggered.

Three terrorists involved in this suicide attack plot have been identified. They include Pakistani terrorist Walid alias Musa alias Idlis, and he is on the most wanted list of the security forces. Walid, active in the Kashmir valley since 2015, is considered to be an expert in making IEDs. Another Pakistani Fauji Bhai from Hizbul was also is involved in the plot and the name of one more terrorist, Adil, is also being included. The car was carrying a two-wheeler registration plate. The security forces have launched a massive search operation for the terrorists.

Meanwhile, 40 CRPF soldiers had been killed in the suicide attack carried out by the terrorists on 14th February 2019. Thereafter, India had launched a fierce airstrike on the terrorist base in Balakot, in Pakistan. The counter-terrorism campaign was also intensified in Jammu-Kashmir. All the terrorist organisations in the state have been crippled since then and are now fighting for survival. Hizbul chief Salahuddin, from across the border, had reacted ‘Is waqt Dushman ka palda bhari hai’ (‘The enemy has the upper hand as of now’) after the security forces killed Riyaz Naikoo. This reaction by Salahuddin speaks volumes about the situation of the terrorist outfits in Kashmir.

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