Saudi and Arab countries must boycott Turkey completely, appeals Saudi official 

Riyadh: – Saudi Arabia has indicated of delivering a strong economic jolt to Turkey, who is making vitriolic criticism against Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries. The Saudi Chamber of Commerce appealed, ‘Boycott all the products exported from Turkey, including investment and tourism with Turkey. Boycott whatever is Turkish. It is the duty of every Saudi citizen to boycott Turkey.’ A few days ago, Turkey had accused Saudi of being responsible for the instability in the Middle East. This is an intense Saudi reaction regarding that.   

Turkish President Recep Erdogan has the ambition to lead the Islamic world, and it is claimed that he is trying to bring countries like Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Malaysia together for this purpose. President Erdogan gave clear indication regarding this, criticising Saudi and other countries in the Middle East in his speech in the Turkish parliament. President Erdogan announced, ‘The Middle East countries are targeting Turkey on purpose. There is instability in the Middle East due to the incorrect policies of these countries.  But those countries who are criticising Turkey did not exist and will have no place, even in the future, and the Turkish national flag will continue to fly high in the region.’  

Strong reactions have been received from Saudi over the statements made by the Turkish President. Ajlan Al Ajlan, President of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, appealed for a comprehensive boycott of Turkey. Ajlan said that henceforth, Turkey, who is spewing venom against Saudi leadership, Saudi and the people of Saudi, will have to be answered. It is claimed that the appeal is receiving a positive response from Saudi and the neighbouring Arab countries. Two months ago, the Saudi traders’ group had boycotted Turkey. Many trucks coming from Turkey, via Iraq, were stranded at the border. Now, if the appeal for a comprehensive ban against Turkey is successful, there is a possibility that it will have detrimental effects on the Turkish economy.   

Turkish President Erdogan is dreaming of leading the Islamic world. He has taken an aggressive stand against countries like India and Israel for this purpose and has made efforts to reduce the Saudi influence in the Arab-Islamic countries. Naturally, a reaction has emanated from Saudi against it. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that the tension between Saudi and Turkey will fester further, and the relations between the two countries will worsen. 

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