As Turkey-Pakistan rapport grows, Greece & India to form strategic alliance

New Delhi/Athens: – Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar will be visiting Greece at the end of this month. The Greek foreign ministry gave this information. This visit of the Indian Foreign Minister becomes significant against the background of strengthening relations between Pakistan and Turkey since the last few years. Only a few days ago, a virtual meeting between the Foreign Ministers of India and Greece had been held where increasing bilateral cooperation was discussed.   

Greece has taken the initiative to strengthen its cooperation with India against the background of Pakistan-Turkey military cooperation and the strengthening front on that basis. Last month, within just ten days, both Greek Foreign Minister and Defence Minister held discussions with India. The Greek Defence Minister had given indications that bilateral cooperation can develop in the defence technology sector. Whereas, analysts in Greece had demanded that Greece should invite India to the Mediterranean Sea for joint war exercises in view of the increasing tension with Turkey.   

The visit of the Indian Foreign Minister to Greece is the next step in the development of cooperation. India has supported Greece on the Cyprus issue in the past, and even in the current dispute with Turkey, India is standing with Greece. During the virtual meeting last month, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had presented a clear stand that the Greece-Turkey dispute can be resolved only within the framework of the UN regulations. Greece has consistently supported India in the United Nations and has assured support for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.  

Against the background of Coronavirus, many countries have preferred to have diplomatic meetings and discussions on a virtual level. Greece, taking the initiative for a physical visit of the Indian Foreign Minister, is noteworthy. During his visit, Foreign Minister Jaishankar will be meeting senior Greek leaders along with the Foreign Minister. The Greek foreign department informed that regional interests, Mediterranean Sea region and South Asia related issues, along with the bilateral cooperation, will be discussed during the visit. The sources reported that the bilateral relations would focus on increasing coordination between the armed forces of both the countries and cooperation in defence and technology sectors.   

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