Russia behind Wikileaks ‘CIA hacking’, claims US News channel

Washington, March 09 (News Agency) –Website ‘Wikileaks’ has published thousands of documents related to the US Intelligence agency ‘CIA’ and a US news channel has claimed Russia’s involvement in this hacking. ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ (FBI), the premier investigation agency of the US, has begun investigation of this incident. Wikileaks having published nearly 9 thousand documents of ‘CIA’ under the ‘Year Zero’ mission, has revealed through the documents, the details of methods used by ‘CIA’ for surveillance using the media such as Smart Phones, Smart TVs and Advanced vehicles.

Vault7-Wikileaks-CIA-hacking-tool-leak‘CIA’ has strongly condemned this hacking by ‘Wikileaks’ and has accused that the battle against terrorism has been hampered by this.

Wikileaks, the renowned website for publishing on the internet, the secret information of various nations and agencies, revealed 8,761 documents related to ‘CIA’ on Tuesday. Wikileaks has claimed that the information related to these methods used by the said agency for worldwide spying, using various media, has been revealed through these documents. It has been stated that the information revealed on Tuesday, is just a small portion of the details, related to ‘CIA’, obtained so far. The aforesaid documents contain thousands of codes which reveals the CIA’s spying capability, claims Wikileaks.

It has been revealed in these documents that the hackers working for ‘CIA’ can use a TV in anyone’s house as a means for audio recording. It is also evident from the documents that the CIA is using techniques such as obtaining information by overriding the popular ‘Encryption Apps’ (softwares used for hiding information) in smartphones and controlling the cars fitted with smart systems. As per the claims made by Wikileaks, the said confidential documents have been obtained through the transactions between the hackers working for the government and private contractors.

Various analysts and experts in the US have expressed possibility that the documents and the information revealed therein by Wikileaks can be ‘authentic’. Few officials have claimed that it is highly possible that this information has been leaked through private contractors. The officials also stated that the information in the documents is of the three years between 2013 and 2016. However, this claim has not been authenticated. ‘NBC News’, the leading news channel in the US, has claimed that Russia is behind the leak of the said documents. The News Channel has stated that the claim has been made on the basis of Intelligence Officers and the sources.

‘CIA’, expressing severe displeasure over this cyber attack, has strongly criticised Wikileaks. The Spokesperson of CIA reacted stating, ‘this shocking revelation has caused a major damage to the US Intelligence agency’s battle against terrorism and other enemies. The citizens of the US alone, will have to bear the maximum brunt of this hacking by Wikileaks. The US officials and the mission have received a severe setback due to this and there is a possibility that enemies of the US, can lay their hands on important information and means’.

Four years ago, Edward Snowden, a computer professional at the ‘National Security Agency’ of the US, had shocked the world by leaking a substantial quantum of confidential documents. After that, during the Presidential elections last year, cyber-attacks were carried out on the election campaign of the Democratic Party candidate Hilary Clinton. The US has blamed Russia for these incidents and has started investigations in the matter. Russia has denied categorically, all the accusations hurled on them.

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