Russia appeals to its students in UK to return to their homeland

Third World War

London: While the tensions between Russia and the UK have reached its peak, Russian students seeking education in the UK have been informed to return to their homeland. Russian agencies have stated that not only its students in the UK, but the ones present in any of the western countries with whom Russia does not share a friendly relationship, should return to the country and will be welcomed there. While the possibility of Russia launching an attack over the UK at any moment is high, this call to its students has certainly made matters worse.

Reports of Russia’s former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia being poisoned by a nerve agent in London had surfaced. The UK took a serious note of the matter as also stringent action against Russia. Along with the US and its allied nations, the UK had reprimanded Russia by expelling its diplomats from these countries. Subsequently, the US, the UK and France launched powerful attacks on Syria, who up until now has received complete support from Russia. The two events have amounted to the relations between Russia and the UK to reach their worst state. British military officials have warned of the prevalent situation being such that Russian President Putin could issue its military an order to strike the UK at anytime. The officials also stated that if such a war did spark, required preparations to counter it had already been made by the Russian president.

Russia’s pre-preparations to teach a lesson to all the nations standing against it are so well planned that President Putin is ten steps ahead of his enemies, claimed a British official. British officials have also claimed that Russia could also launch a cyber attack on the UK to avenge the Skripal case. In view of these events, Russian agencies and media under governmental control are issuing alerts to Russian students studying in the UK and other Western countries. Also, along with the message to its students to return home, these agencies and media have severely rebuked the Western countries.

Russia did not poison Sergei Skripal but, the UK agencies conspired against Russia to target it with this case. The US and the UK are also responsible for the Chemical attacks in Syria, claim the Russian agencies and media. Therefore, the provocation made by countries that do not share friendly ties with Russia is a cause for concern. Russian students studying in such western countries as also its industrialists may have to bear the brunt of these events. Thus, leave these countries and return to your homeland, the Russian agencies and media have urged.

Russia has much better educational and industrial opportunities to offer than these western countries. You will receive a warmer welcome in our country, said its agencies while assuring Russian industrialists and students studying abroad. However, considering the opportunities available with the western countries, Russian nationals will not pay much heed to Russia’s appeal. Western media have claimed that these nationals will not return home.

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