Russia takes an aggressive stand against the NATO war exercises and expansionism

Third World WarMoscow/Oslo: The NATO exercises in Norway close to the Russian border have caused quite a sting to Russia. Russia has adopted an aggressive stance against these NATO exercises. The Russian President announced independent exercises and the Russian leaders also criticised the expansionist attitude of NATO.


The huge war exercises ‘Trident Juncture 2018’ started in Norway last week. With the participation of more than 50,000 personnel from 29 countries and the presence of advanced warships and fighter jets, this is considered to be a decisive phase of the exercises held till date. Although the NATO officials have clarified that these exercises are being conducted for testing the defence preparedness, Russia, since the very beginning, has expressed displeasure regarding the exercises.

russia, nato, war exercises, aggressive, expansionismRussia President Vladimir Putin adopted an aggressive stance and ordered new Russian war exercises in the area close to the location of the NATO war exercises. The Russian exercises have been organised between November 1st and 3rd close to the Norway marine border. As per the information by Russia, the exercise envisages testing of the advanced missiles deployed on the Russia warships.

There is a cautious reaction given by the NATO on the Russian announcement. NATO Chief, Jens Stoltenberg has expressed hope that there will be no misadventure by Russia at this time. At the same time, he clarified that this situation was not a part of the cold war. But Poland has fired a salvo of criticism at Russia warning that these exercises only go to show the stubbornness of the country.

russia, nato, war exercises, aggressive, expansionismWhile the Russian President announced the new Russian war exercises, the Russian leaders targeted the expansionist position of the NATO. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu accused that the NATO is trying to increase its membership by adding more and more of the Balkan countries. It is an attempt to militarise these European countries, and these are danger bells for Russia.

Andrei Kelvin, a senior official from the Russian Foreign department strongly objected to the moves being made to enrol Ukraine and Georgia as the members of NATO. Kelvin claimed that there would be severe consequences if these two countries become members of NATO and Russia will have to create a special Defence Belt around Sochi.

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