Chinese Communist Party doesn’t want global relations that create security, freedom & prosperity: US Secretary of State

Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused, ‘The ruling communist party in China wants to build a global system that does not pay heed to any regulations and does not respect sovereignty. They are increasing their influence in the world, using all its capabilities, for this purpose. The global system built by the Chinese communist party will have no place for security, freedom and prosperity.’ Secretary of State Pompeo reiterated that China is the biggest challenge of this century, while speaking during the radio program ‘The Hugh Hewitt Show’.

The Ruling Chinese Communist Party does not want a global system with security, freedom and prosperity: US Secretary of State PompeoThe United States has initiated an aggressive campaign against China, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic, which originated from China. Under this campaign, the United States has taken some major decisions against China, including decisions regarding the South China Sea, Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Simultaneously, the United States has also opened a front against China on the issues of cyberattacks from China and the efforts for domination in the technology sector. It is clear from this interview of Secretary of State, Pompeo, that the Trump administration has still not changed its aggressive stand against China; even though the transition of power is just a week away. Pompeo expressed confidence at this time that the Biden administration will maintain the US stand against China. Pompeo expressed hope that the US population will want the United States to continue functioning just like the last 240 years; the next Biden administration will definitely be aware of this sentiment.

The Ruling Chinese Communist Party does not want a global system with security, freedom and prosperity: US Secretary of State PompeoPompeo justified the decisions taken by the Trump administration on Taiwan and other issues. Secretary of State Pompeo said that the Chinese communist party needs to follow the One China policy and the three resolutions linked to it. But instead, they are giving exaggerated reactions over the decisions taken by the Trump administration regarding Taiwan. The United States has only demanded honesty, mutual respect and equal positions, which will continue in the future. The US Secretary of State also targeted China over the Coronavirus issue.

Pompeo accused China of being responsible for the losses caused by the Coronavirus pandemic saying ‘The Chinese communist party has not revealed any information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, even after one year. The Communist Party brought three options regarding the pandemic. They are trying to create confusion in this matter. But as the per information revealed to date, it is exposed that the pandemic has originated from the city of Wuhan in the Hebei province.’ The US Secretary of State also said that the Chinese ruling regime would have to face the consequences of this.

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