‘Rothschild Bank’ involved in financial malpractices, claim Swiss agencies

Bern: There are accusations that the Rothschild Bank was involved in the corruption and financial irregularities during the rule of former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. The ‘Financial Market Supervisory Authority’ (FINMA) from Switzerland has made this claim. Najib Razak had to step down because of the corruption in the ‘1MBD’ fund, known as the sovereign fund of Malaysia. Claims have also been made that there was Chinese involvement in the corruption during Razak’s rule.

Rothschild bank, swiss agencies, finma, switzerlandRecently, FINMA from Switzerland gave information about the Rothschild Bank’s involvement in the 1MDB fund corruption, during a press conference. The accusation against both, the Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Trust AG is that, they did not verify the sources of funds coming from the 1MDB fund. Both the companies from the Rothschild group were aware that the funds could be coming from financial malpractices. But, they still accepted them, ignoring the sources, is the accusation levelled by FINMA.

The Swiss agency has also accused Rothschild of not following the rules for financial management applicable in Switzerland. It was clarified in the press conference that the Swiss agency will appoint an independent Audit Agent and inspect the procedures, followed by the concerned companies. The involvement of the BSI and Falcon banks in the 1MDB irregularities in Switzerland has also been exposed.

A few months ago, it had been revealed that Russian entrepreneur, Oleg Deripaska was being assisted by the Rothschild group to help his companies escape the sanctions imposed by the United States. Whereas, reports of the Rothschild family supplying funds and nuclear weapons to Iran even during the ongoing dispute between the United States and Iran over the nuclear program, had also surfaced.

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