Record-breaking rise in the number of Covid patients across the world in just 24 hours

London: In the last 24 hours, 2,94,237 new Covid cases have been reported across the world. Whereas, the death toll has crossed 6000. The WHO has published this information. For the first time, so many cases have been reported around the world in just 24 hours. The United States, Brazil and India have most patients in this lot.

Covid patients

So far, 7,70, 094 have died around the world due to the Covid pandemic. Moreover, in the last 24 hours, more than 6, 700 patients have died. Of these, 1,029 have died in the US, 944 in India and 709 in Brazil. Besides, 1,72,743 patients have died in the US; whereas, 1,07,297 have died in Brazil. Furthermore, over the next two weeks, the death toll in the US will increase by 18,000 and cross 1,90,000, claims the US Health Department. Also, the toll in Mexico is over 56,000, and in India, it is over 50,000.

The rapid increase in the Covid cases is known because of the information published by the World Health Organisation. On Saturday, the number of Covid patients crossed three lakhs, which include 63,490 from India, 47,913 from the United States and 41,576 from Brazil. Currently, the United States has 55 lakhs Covid patients, whereas the number is 33 lakhs in Brazil and more than 26 lakhs in India. Moreover, as per the claims, France, South Korea, New Zealand are suffering from the second wave of this pandemic. This has caused the total number of cases across the world to rise up to 2,16,81,979.

Meanwhile, so far, 1.5 crore patients have been recovered from this virus. Also, major countries are competing to create Covid vaccine. Moreover, Israel and UAE have united to develop the Covid vaccine.

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