Researchers recommend Western vaccines for booster dose as Chinese vaccines are ineffective

Lima/Beijing: – Researchers have suggested that since the Chinese vaccine for Coronavirus is not very effective against the virus, it is necessary to take a ‘booster dose’ of the vaccine developed by Western countries. This information surfaced in a study conducted in Peru, a Latin American country. Peru was the leading importer of the vaccine after China developed it. However, the Coronavirus in Peru could not be controlled even after the Chinese vaccine. Therefore, this independent research was conducted. The findings of the research are seen as a new blow to China’s ‘vaccine diplomacy’.  


Recently, Peru’s health department released a report on the Chinese vaccine. It revealed that even two doses of the coronavirus vaccine from SinoFarm protect people at only up to 50%. From February to June, millions of Peruvian health workers and volunteers were vaccinated by China. About four hundred thousand of them were studied. Many of these were found to be re-infected with Coronavirus. Therefore, Peru has now decided to give a ‘booster dose’ of vaccines developed by countries other than China.  

At the end of 2019, China claimed to have developed the first vaccine against the Coronavirus outbreak that spread from Wuhan. Besides, it also started vaccinating its citizens as trials by foreign companies began. In a World Health Organization report, China claimed that its vaccine was more than 78 per cent effective. After developing the vaccine, we will supply 800 million vaccines to different countries of the world, the ruling regime of China had announced. Therefore, the WHO approved Chinese vaccines.  

China also began supplying vaccines to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa using its economic and political influence. But in recent months, reports have surfaced that China‘s vaccine has not been very effective in preventing the spread of the disease. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by the use of Chinese vaccines in Chile, Latin America, and the Gulf state of Bahrain and Seychelles in Africa. Then in June, Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, also decided to reject China’s corona vaccine. This is followed by research in Peru, a Latin American country.  

The Peruvian government is preparing to give its citizens a ‘booster dose’ of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine. It is said that preliminary tests have been done in this regard. Delta and Lambda, the new variants of the corona, are spreading rapidly in Peru and Latin America. These new types are not responding to the Chinese vaccine. Therefore, shortly, there are indications that the demand for Chinese vaccines in different countries worldwide will dwindle. Besides, vaccines from other countries will be prioritised. This has rocked the ‘vaccine diplomacy’ of the Chinese communist regime.   

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