Libyan rebels retreat in the power struggle  

Tripoli: – The Libyan military has succeeded in gaining control over the city of Tarhunah after expelling all the rebels from capital Tripoli. This is considered to be a major victory for the Libyan government, supported by the United Nations. At the same time, this is considered to be a major jolt to the rebels led by General Haftar, who were fighting to gain control over Capital Tripoli. The Libyan government and its supporters are rejoicing that the victory over Tarhunah was decisive. But the eastern part of Libya, rich in oil reserves, is still under the control of the rebels. Therefore, some analysts claim that the Libyan conflict will not end any time soon.   

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Government of National Accord, supported by the United Nations, is in power in Libya. But Libyan military chief, General Haftar, started a rebellion Challenging the Libyan government. After getting support from the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, Russia also extended support to the Haftar rebels. It is claimed that the extremist organisation Islamic Brotherhood, operational in the Gulf, also supports the Haftar rebels. On this strength, General Haftar started the rebellion with a big group of soldiers from the Libyan military, challenging the Libyan government.  

Haftar and his associates have gained control over the southern and eastern parts of Libya. Thereafter, the Haftar rebels started advancing towards the Libyan capital of Tripoli and continued with a fierce conflict to gain control over Tripoli, for the last fourteen months. Accusations of Russian mercenaries fighting for Haftar were also being made. It was revealed that Turkey had intervened to save the Libyan government. But now the tables, of the conflict, have turned and the Libyan military and support groups have successfully expelled all the rebels from Tripoli.   

Moreover, on Friday, the Libyan military wrested control of the Tarhunah city, from the rebels. Using Tarhunah, the Haftar rebels were trying to gain control over Tripoli. But now the Libyan military has wrested the control back from the rebels and this is believed to be a major victory for the government. The Libyan government has announced that in the times to come, the entire rebellion will be dismantled. But the analysts are pointing out that this is not so easy. Haftar is still in control of the oil rich southern and eastern regions of Libya. It will be difficult for the Libyan military to tackle the rebels here. International news agencies are saying that Russia, who is standing behind Haftar, will not let this happen. Therefore, the bloody conflict in Libya will not end in the near future. The news agencies claimed that instead, the conflict will become more dreadful in the future. 

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