Rajya Sabha passes Essential Defence Services bill

New Delhi – The Rajya Sabha has also approved the ‘Essential Defence Services Bill-2021’, passed with a voice vote in the Lok Sabha. Now, after the President’s signature, the bill will soon become law. This will prevent strikes and tools down in defence-related materials production and other service activities. The government has told Rajya Sabha that the bill is crucial for national security. Moreover, it has introduced the new bill amid tensions over the past year on the border with China.


Defence Forces, Rajnath Singh, Rajya Sabha, India,Some parties are opposing the bill. Besides, the opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha had also demanded, the bill be referred back to the Standing Committee for scrutiny. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said that this bill is not to stop anyone from agitating. The bill does not deprive the people of the right to peaceful agitation. Also, the provisions in this bill are currently applicable for one year only. Rajnath Singh also reminded that the bill’s provisions would come into force only after the government implements it.

The current situation on the northern border of the country is well known. During the discussion, the members supporting the bill also underlined the tensions with neighbouring enemy countries and that the possibility of simultaneous wars on both fronts cannot be ruled out. Therefore, in such a situation, the government needs the right to control the essential defence services. Thus, this bill has been brought. In the Rajya Sabha, the government has made it clear that the defence equipment and ammunition supply to the defence forces should continue without any hindrance.

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