Pulwama-style attack busted in Jammu and Kashmir; 3 Al-Badr terrorists arrested

Jammu: As the Pulwama attack completes nearly two years, a plot for a dreaded attack was busted in Jammu and Kashmir. Attacks targeting bus stations, markets, places of worship and security forces, had been planned. But the plot was foiled before it could be executed. Large quantities of explosives and weapons was seized and three terrorists from the terrorist group Al-Badr were arrested. Mukesh Singh, Inspector General of Jammu-Kashmir Police, informed that the terrorists were receiving instructions from across the border.  


Jammu-Kashmir-terror-attackTwo years ago, a major terror plot had been executed targeting a CRPF convoy in Pulwama, 40 CRPF soldiers had been martyred in the attack. While homage was being paid to these martyrs, Pakistani terrorist organisation Al-Badr was preparing to execute a major terror attacks plot on this day. But one of the main terrorists was arrested on 13th February, in the night with the explosives.   

The name of the arrested Al-Badr terrorist is Suhail and the security agencies picked him up from the busy area near the Jammu bus stand. 7 Kilograms was RDX was found on him. Jammu bus station was one of the targets for the terrorists. The plan was to cause many casualties in this busy area and create disturbances in Jammu-Kashmir. But the plot was busted as Suhail was arrested in time before he could execute the plan. Even in the past, Jammu bus stand has been on target for the terrorist organisations. A grenade attack was carried out on this very bus stand in 2019. One person had been killed an a few had been injured in the attack. Jammu station was targetted with attacks earlier as well.  

Two others were arrested after the interrogation of Suhail. One of them was picked up from Chandigarh. As per the Jammu-Kashmir police’s information, 7kgs RDX, 15 small IEDs and six pistols were seized from the terrorists. IED and a pistol has been seized even from a place in Samba. This pistol had been brought from Bihar. Suhail was being trained in nursing in Punjab. A few days ago, Suhail received a call from the Al-Badr handler from across the border. As per the orders received from across the border, simultaneous bomb blasts at different locations were planned. Some overground operators of Al-Badr were collecting explosives and weapons for the attacks. 

Along with the Jammu bus stand, one place of worship, Lakhdatta Bazar and Jammu railway station were also on target. There was a plan to target even the soldiers from security forces. Meanwhile, major terror plots have been foiled in Jammu-Kashmir in the last few days. Hidayatulla Malik alias Hasneen, commander of Lashkar-e-Mustafa, was arrested on the 6th February.  

Hasneen also was plotting a major attack. But the Lashkar-e-Mustafa network was destroyed in the last month. Mustafa also was arrested with a haul of weapons and explosives from Kunjwani outside Jammu, Zahoor Ahmad Rather, of The Resistance Front (TRF), was arrested only two days ago. He was involved in killing three political activists last year.   

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