Proposed Greece-Saudi military drill jolts Turkey; Saudi to send F-15 fighters

Athens/Ankara:- Greece, making aggressive moves to stop the Turkish activities in the Mediterranean Sea, has delivered one more jolt to Turkey. The Greek media published a report that Greece and Saudi Arabia will be holding joint military exercises in the Mediterranean Sea region. The information that Saudi Arabia will be sending F-15 fighter jets to participate in the war exercises to be held on the Crete Islands has created a sensation in Turkey. The Turkish media has claimed that the Saudi Arabian fighter jets’ deployment on the Greek airbase could pose a threat to Turkey.  


saudi-greece-turkeyThe international surveys and reports have revealed that there are huge oil deposits in the Mediterranean Sea region. Turkey has started activities to gain control of the largest chunk of these deposits. Turkey is claiming the areas under the control of Cyprus and Greece as its territories. Last year, Turkey declared a Navtex alert and sent its research ship Oruc Reis and two other vessels for research in the Mediterranean Sea region. After that, Turkey held multiple war exercises in the part to prove its dominance over the area.   

Greece too has expedited its moves to counter this Turkish aggression. Since August, Greece has held independent war exercises with the United States, France and United Arab Emirates (UAE). In November, Egypt, Cyprus, France and UAE joined the multinational practice in the Mediterranean Sea. Saudi Arabia participated in these exercises as an observer. These developments are considered a part of the Greek efforts to build a comprehensive front, with its allies, against Turkey.  

Turkish President Recep Erdogan is harbouring the ambition of leading the Islamic world and is making rapid moves in that direction. But his actions are facing strong opposition by countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and these countries have been at loggerheads on this issue many times. Taking this into account, Greece has started strengthening relations with the countries opposed to Turkey. In the last few months, Greece has delivered a strong message to Turkey by signing comprehensive defence agreements with France, UAE and Israel. Now Greece has prepared to deliver one more jolt to Turkey by holding joint war exercises with Saudi Arabia.  

As per the Greek media’s information, the joint war exercises between Greece and Saudi Arabia will be held on the Crete Islands in the Mediterranean Sea region. The Greek press has stated that the F-15 fighter jets from Saudi Arabia may reach the huge Greek base, Souda Bay Naval Base, on the island to participate in the war exercises. It is being said that the pilots from the Greek air force also will be allowed to practice on these fighter jets. Turkish analysts and media claimed that these Greek activities are increasing Turkish headaches.   

Meanwhile, it has been reported that last week, Turkish coast guard threatened Greek ships near the Kalymnos islands in the Aegean Sea. A possibility is being predicted that this incident could further fester the tension already reigning between the two countries.   

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