Proclaim Third World War against ISISI: Jordan’s King Abdullah

Jordan-WW3Amman (News Agency) – Jordan’s King Abdullah in an interview to an US news channel has appealed to declare ‘Third World War’ against ‘IS’ who seem to be creating havoc in Iraq and Syria. King Abdullah has demanded nations irrespective of any religious majority to participate in the Third World War.

Since past few weeks ‘ISIS’ has been trying to establish its leadership in Libya, following Iraq and Syria. ‘ISIS’ also threatened to break into Europe via Libya and carry out attacks. On these grounds King Abdullah’s appeal drew a lot of attention. In his interview with US news channel CNN, King Abdullah warned that the threat of ‘ISIS’ is not just limited to Arab-Islamic Nations.

King Abdullah mentioned in his interview that ‘ISIS’ poses a security threat to the entire world, hence it is necessary to declare Third World War against ‘ISIS’ by Arab-Islamic nations along with Christian and other  religious faith nations. King Abdullah also claimed that if nations of all religious beliefs join together in the battle, there won’t be any need to launch nuclear weapons or deploy battle tanks.

Last month Jordanian King Abdullah had announced to destroy the sites of ‘ISIS’ in Iraq and Syria. Accordingly Jordanian fighter planes carried out aerial attacks over the locations of ‘ISIS’. This decision of King Abdullah was strongly welcomed by all in Jordan and a demand was called for eradication of ‘ISIS’.

However six months back the situation in Jordan was different. In a survey conducted by ‘Centre for Strategic Studies’ University of Jordan revealed that only 62% of the nation’s population recognized ‘ISIS’ as a terrorist organization.

Last month ‘IS’ brutally killed Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh by burning him alive. ‘IS’ filmed the brutal assassination and published on the social media.‘ISIS’ killed the pilot before Jordan even agreed to pay a ransom for the release of their pilot who was kidnapped in December 2014. This triggered a wave of anger amidst Jordanian population against ‘ISIS’ who demanded for strict actions to eradicate ‘ISIS’.

Within last month Jordanian fighter planes carried out aerial attacks over ‘ISIS’ sites in Iraq and Syria. Jordanian Air Force claims to have killed several ‘ISIS’ terrorists during these aerial attacks.

300 additional Australian soldiers against ‘ISIS’

Canberra (News Agency) – Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced to deploy additional 300 soldiers in Iraq to battle ‘ISIS’. 200 Australian soldiers have already been posted in Iraq.

Australia will be the 23rd nation to invest its military for the anti ‘ISIS’ battle and Australian troops will train Iraqi soldiers, said Abbott. American, British, German, Canadian, French, Belgian and Danish forces are carrying out aerial attacks over various ‘ISIS’ locations in Iraq.

Nations such as Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Turkey are already training Iraqi soldiers, as well as providing weapons for the battle against ‘ISIS’.

However still, Western nations have not been able to achieve substantial success in the six month long battle against ‘ISIS’. US President Barack Obama declared that the battle will not end yet and in the coming year is expected to achieve success against ‘ISIS’.

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