Plot to poison US President Donald Trump foiled

Washington: – A plot to poison US President Donald Trump, has been busted. An envelope containing a potent poison ‘Ricin’ was being sent to the White House, in the name of President Trump. But the poison packet was exposed in the screening by the US Secret services. The concerned packet had been sent from Canada and the FBI has started investigations with the help of the Canadian agencies. Moreover, a poisoning plot- expose, only one and a half month ahead of the Presidential election, becomes significant.  

poison-US All the packets sent in the name of US President Donald Trump, are checked at the screening facility and then sent to the White House. A few days ago, one of the packets was found to be containing a suspicious substance at the final offsite facility. The substance was found to be Ricin, a potent poison, in the tests conducted by the FBI. Preliminary inquiries suggest that the packet originated from Canada and US Secret Service and FBI has started a joint investigation with the Canadian agencies.   

This becomes the fourth plot to assassinate President Donald Trump, in the last year, and this is the second time Ricin has been used. In 2018, a former US naval officer had sent factors containing Ricin as an ingredient in an envelope. Whereas, last month, there was firing during President Trump’s press conference, in the White House. The entire area was locked down after the incident.   

Ricin is a very potent poison, found in castor seeds and there is no antidote for the poison. If this poison enters a human body through the oral or nasal route, it can cause the death of the person, in the next 36 to 72 hours. Various agencies have also warned in the past that this poison could be used as a biological weapon. 

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