Philippines appeals to India to patrol South China Sea

Manila: – Delfin Lorenzana, Secretary of National Defence of the Philippines, appealed that the Philippines has never opposed anyone from patrolling in the South China Sea region. Even the British and French ships sail through this region. This marine region is open to everyone, and India should start patrolling in this region. At the same time, Lorenzana informed that India was keen on patrolling the South China Sea region while talking to a news agency. China claims that it has rights over the entire South China Sea region.  The appeal made by the Philippines to India to patrol this region adds to the Chinese concerns.   

Last week, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte had a telephonic discussion. Both the leaders concurred on making the bilateral strategic cooperation in the South China Sea region more comprehensive. The Indian Prime Minister also reacted that the Philippines is an essential Indian ally in the Indo-Pacific region. Whereas, the Philippines President had appealed that India should play a crucial role in this region. Against the background of the discussion between the leaders of the two countries, Philippines’ Secretary of National Defence, Lorenzana, appealed to India to start patrolling in the South China Sea region.  

Delfin Lorenzana challenged the Chinese claim on the entire South China Sea region by inviting India to patrol this region. Since the last few days, the Philippines has attached maximum importance to its relations with India. Last week, the naval chiefs from both the countries had given a reaction that the maritime cooperation between the two countries will gain importance in the future. Following the discussion between leaders of the two countries, the Foreign Minister of the Philippines issued a warning to China, who was conducting a war exercise in the South China Sea. The Foreign Minister of Philippines threatened of a dreadful retaliation if the Chinese warships participating in the war exercises, in the South China Sea entered the marine limits of the Philippines.   

Meanwhile, even Vietnam has appealed to India for patrolling and oil-exploration in the South China Sea. Whereas, last year, warships from India, the United States and Japan held joint war exercises in this marine region. A very sharp reaction had been received from China regarding the practices. In this scenario, the appeal made by the Philippines to India gains significance.   

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