Pakistani terrorists will infiltrate through the Punjab border, warn intelligence agencies   

Pakistani terrorists will infiltrate through the Punjab borderAmritsar: – The intelligence agencies have warned that Pakistani terrorists may infiltrate through the Punjab border. The agencies have warned the Border Security Force and the Punjab Police to be more alert. A few weeks ago, reports were published that terrorists were preparing to infiltrate through the Punjab border.  

The infamous Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, is making frantic efforts to carry out saboteur activities in Kashmir. The intelligence agencies have already warned that 500 terrorists have been kept ready at the Kashmir border by the ISI for this purpose. But their infiltration attempts are being foiled by the alert Indian military. Moreover, the action taken by the Indian defence forces in the Kashmir valley has crippled the terrorist organisations. In this scenario, the ISI and the terrorist organisations are making frantic efforts to demonstrate their strength.   

Especially after the withdrawal of Article 370 where a special status was awarded to Jammu-Kashmir by the Indian Government, Pakistan has been feeling a need to create large-scale violence to encourage the separatists. But the preparations of the Indian military at the border and the LoC are foiling the evil conspiracies of Pakistan. Therefore, ISI is planning to use the Punjab border for infiltration.  

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that drones were used to smuggle narcotics and explosives into Punjab from the Punjab province of Pakistan. As per analysts, this is a very sensitive matter from a security point of view. A strong possibility of the ISI using the separatists from Punjab for carrying out saboteur activities has been surfaced.  

Against this background, the situation at the Punjab border has become sensitive. Punjab shares a 500- kilometre border with Pakistan. Taking advantage of this, the Pakistani terrorists can infiltrate through this border. The terrorists involved in the attack on the Pathankot air force base had entered through the Punjab border. This increases the importance of the warning issued by the intelligence agencies.  

Pakistan has prepared to carry out saboteur activities in India and show that India is responsible for them. Pakistan Prime Minister himself is making a fuss that India will fake a terror attack in its own territory and attack Pakistan under that pretext. On the other hand, ISI has concentrated all its strength to carry out terrorist attacks in India. Pakistan is trying to corner India with this strategy. Pakistan is consistently saying that India will fake a terror attack and will attack Pakistan under that pretext, but Pakistan will retaliate strongly against it. Pakistan Prime Minister is also threatening that an Indo-Pak war will culminate into a nuclear war and the whole world will have to face the consequences. The Pakistan strategy for resolving the Kashmir issue is to use international pressure against India through blackmailing. 


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