Pakistan’s Tactical Nuclear Weapons made for use against India will prove to be worthless, warn analysts

Islamabad: Just before the display of the Indian defence forces and the arms systems on the occasion of the Republic day, Pakistan tested a missile named ‘Nasr’. The missile with a range of 70 kilometres is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. The Pakistan military officials have indicated that low yield nuclear weapons developed by Pakistan can be put to effective use with the Nasr missiles. The analysts devoted to nuclear non-proliferation have expressed concerns that these Pakistani activities will increase the possibility of a nuclear war with India.

Tactical nuclear weapons, pakistan, indiaPakistan has been alleging India to be working on the Cold Start plan for the last many years which will make Pakistan weak. And the Indian military will enter Pakistan, without declaring war. However, Pakistan, who had been threatening India from time to time, had warned of dire consequences to the Cold Start. Pakistan threatens of mounting nuclear attacks on the Indian military once they enter Pakistan. The country is also consistently hinting at developing low yield Tactical Weapons for this purpose.

These Tactical Nuclear Weapons will be used to attack the Indian military entering into Pakistan. Therefore, India cannot claim of a nuclear attack on its territory, claims Pakistan, and at the same time the Indian military will suffer humungous losses if a nuclear attack is executed, it added. Thus Pakistan has developed surface-to-surface missile. Testing the Nasr missile on 24th January, Pakistan announced enhancement of the range of this missile from 60 to 70 kilometres.

In 2018, Pakistan military chief General Bajwa had proudly claimed to have neutralised the Indian Cold Start plan, while talking about the Tactical Nuclear Weapons. But the Indian analysts have claimed that there is hardly any substance in the Pakistani claims. India has already announced that a nuclear attack, of any intensity, will be treated as a nuclear attack and will be retaliated with a nuclear strike. The US analysts also have warned that Pakistan may face dire consequences if it used tactical Nuclear Weapons against the Indian military. The analysts have brought to notice the fact that India has the ‘Second Strike’ capability necessary to retaliate against a nuclear attack.

Therefore, whatever Pakistan may brag about, the Tactical Nuclear Weapons will be worthless against India. On the other hand, their use will only backfire on Pakistan. These analysts have pointed out that India also has the air defence systems to neutralise a Pakistani attack, with missiles like Nasr.