Presence of Pakistan in the Human Rights Conference unbearable, UN official body castigates Pakistan

Geneva: The organisation monitoring the functioning of the United Nations made vitriolic criticism that because of the history of human rights in Pakistan, the Pakistani presence in the Human Rights Commission is unbearable. At the same time, this organisation has presented a list of reasons to refuse the candidature of Pakistan in the Human Rights Commission. The concerned organisation has cited issues like discriminatory treatment meted out to minorities, ethnic violence and forced conversions in Pakistan, who is trying to give lessons to others about freedom of expression.

Presence of Pakistan in the Human Rights Conference unbearable, UN official body castigates PakistanLast month, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had justified the terror attack on a teacher in France. The extremists from Pakistan had strongly supported the inciting statement made by Prime Minister Imran Khan. UN Watch, the Geneva-based organisation, monitoring the performance of the United Nations, took a strong objection on the opinion of the Pakistan Prime Minister and read out a list of human rights violations in Pakistan. This organisation reproduced the crucial issues listed in the letter, submitted ten days ago to the Human Rights Commission, opposing the membership of Pakistan.

Pakistan has a horrible history of human rights violations. The re-election of Pakistan, on the Human Rights Commission, is a regrettable development. The organisation accused that the extremist organisations in Pakistan are attacking and killing the minorities under their pretext of religious rights. The UN Watch cited the case of atrocities against the Christian woman, Asia Bibi. Saying that two political leaders who stood by Asia Bibi were killed, the UN Watch lashed out at the insulting treatment meted out to the minorities and the domination of extremists.

Presence of Pakistan in the Human Rights Conference unbearable, UN official body castigates PakistanAt the same time, the organisation reminded that the abduction and killing of journalists in Pakistan, who is preaching freedom of expression to others, is a grave issue. The UN Watch pointed out that Pakistan is looked at as being a dangerous country for journalists. The organisation also commented through its letter that Pakistan leads even in crimes like child marriages, abduction of children and sexual exploitation. The organisation has raised a direct question in the letter that how Pakistan, who does not care for human rights, be once again inducted in the Human Rights Commission. This criticism coming from UN Watch has grievously hurt Pakistan.

Pakistan has started claiming that UN Watch has nothing to do with the United Nations. Accusing that this organisation is under Israeli influence, Pakistan is, in a way, justifying the trampling of human rights in the country.

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