Pakistan military’s artillery attacks kill 15 in Afghanistan

Kabul: Fifteen Afghanis were killed in a rocket and artillery attack launched by the Pakistan military in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. Infuriated by this attack, the Afghan government has ordered its army and air force to be ready for retaliation. This is the second major attack launched by Pakistan in Afghanistan in the last few days. Afghanistan had complained to the United Nations that Pakistan was launching attacks on the civilian settlements in the border areas. Meanwhile, 17 people were killed in an explosion carried out by terrorists in the Logar province.

Pakistan military

Since the last few days, both Afghanistan and Pakistan had announced the opening of their borders on the occasion of the religious festival for the convenience of their citizens. But Pakistan, known for backtracking on its promises, kept its borders closed, refusing entry of the Afghan population. Agitated with this Pakistan betrayal, the Afghan people started protests right in front of the border at Chaman-Spin Boldak. A conflict ensued between the Afghan and Pakistan soldiers after the Pakistani soldiers took action against these protesting Afghan people. The Pakistan military launched an attack with rockets and artillery in the Kandahar province after this.

Pakistan military

Hayatullah Hayat, the governor of the Kandahar province, informed that 15 people, including women and children, were killed in the Pakistani attack on the residential areas in Chaman-Spin Boldak. 80 Afghanis were injured in the Pakistani firing. Following this, the Afghan government has ordered its security agencies to be prepared for further action. Afghan news agency Tolo News published a report saying that Atal 204, Selab 201 and Thunder 203 units of the Afghan special forces have been placed on high-alert, and the Afghan air force also has been ordered to remain alert. The news agency said that there is tension on the Afghan-Pak border. Pakistan had launched a similar attack at the beginning of this week. Following the killing of ten people in this Pakistan attack, Afghanistan registered a complaint against Pakistan with the UN Security Council. Information that the terrorist organisations Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba are operational in Afghanistan has already been exposed. The Afghan government had alleged that the terrorists killed or arrested in the actions of the Afghan military, had some Pakistani terrorists among them. The Pakistan attacks seem to have increased after this. There is a dispute already existing between Afghanistan and Pakistan over the Durand Line.

Meanwhile, 17 people were killed in a car bomb blast in the Logar province of Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said that Taliban had no connection with this attack. Mujahid reminded that the Taliban has agreed for a three days ceasefire with the Afghan government. It has already been exposed that all the factions in the Taliban have not agreed for the ceasefire with the government.

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