North Korea to increase its nuclear might, warns dictator Kim Jong-un

Seoul: – President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as the President of the United States in the next week. North Korea has already started threatening Biden. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un warned, ‘Whoever comes to power in the United States, its position on North Korea will not change. Therefore, North Korea will increase its nuclear might further.’ Dictator Un declared that North Korea had initiated steps for the development of a nuclear submarine.   

Last week, a special meeting was held between the North Korean communist party. This 8-day meeting ended on Wednesday. On the occasion of the meeting, dictator Un said that North Korea would be augmenting its nuclear might.  

north-korea-14-jan-2Dictator Un lashed out at the US policies without mentioning Biden. Un said, ‘The United States is the main adversary of North Korea. Till such time that the United States changes its policy regarding North Korea, the relations between the two countries cannot move ahead.’ At the same time, the North Korean dictator claimed that the United States’ policies, regarding North Korea, will never change.   

After this, dictator Un ordered his officials to continue with the military program. Un clarified that North Korea needs to increase its nuclear as well as further increase its military might. Also, at the beginning of this week-long meeting, the North Korean dictator announced the increase in the country’s nuclear and missile capabilities. Dictator Un said that this is necessary to protect the socialistic ideology and the North Korean population. But this time, the North Korean dictator has launched an attack, directly on the new US leadership.  

The North Korean dictator had also showered salvos of criticism on the existing US President Donald Trump. Un had threatened that the North Korean missiles could target the cities in the Eastern United States. But two years ago, historical talks had been held between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. After that, President Trump had stated that issues, regarding the North Korean nuclear program, can be resolved.   

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