North Korea conducts a strategically important test, claims a North Korean news channel

Third World War

Seoul: North Korea announced that a crucial test was conducted at the satellite launching site. The Kim Jong-Un regime avoided giving any further information regarding the test. The North Korean government claimed that this test would increase the military importance of the country. The announcement of the test coming after the announcement of withdrawal from the denuclearisation talks with the United States becomes very significant.  

KCNA, a news channel linked to the North Korean government, broadcasted this information. The North Korean Kim Jong Un government tested a piece of essential equipment, at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. The news channel revealed that the test was significant, quoting sources from the North Korean government. North Korea claimed that this test would be beneficial in increasing the military importance of the country.   

The North Korean government did not reveal any further information regarding the test. Therefore, there are huge discussions in the Japanese and South Korean media, regarding the exact nature of the test conducted at the satellite launch station. A few days ago, a Box containing an engine, was clearly visible in satellite photographs of the base. It was not clear as to what engine was that. But it is predicted that North Korea tested a ballistic missile. Long-range missiles have been tested, by North Korea, at this base, in the past. A few of these tests had failed.  

One year ago, the talks between North Korea and the United States, regarding the stalling of the controversial North Korean nuclear program had taken place. The deadline given by the United States to North Korea to finish its nuclear program will be expiring in a few days. North Korea needed to inform its decision to the United States in this period. US President Donald Trump had expressed willingness even to meet Kim Jong Un for the purpose.  

However, North Korea has rejected the US proposal for talks. The North Korean government announced that it is not stopping its nuclear program by accepting demands from the United States. 

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