International analyst claims Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline is Russia’s strategic victory

Moscow: ‘Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline project was completed on time despite political opposition from European countries and the US. This is a major strategic victory for Russia,’ analyst Dmitry Marinchenko claimed. Marinchenko is a senior director at Fitch Ratings, a multinational company.


International analyst claims Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline is Russia's strategic victoryOn Friday, Russia’s Gazprom announced the completion of the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline. Meanwhile, Ukraine and Poland have indicated that opposition to the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline will continue.

‘The United States, the European Commission and many European countries have taken a negative stance on the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline and signalled action. However, the project was still completed. Both Germany and Russia have repeatedly stated that the Nord Stream 2 is not a political but a commercial project. It was this role that led to the completion of the project,’ claimed Dmitry Marinchenko.

‘Due to some EU guidelines, the project is unlikely to be operational immediately. However, the federation can remove these obstacles by putting pressure on the Russian company on some issues. If that happens, the pipeline will be fully operational by the end of this year,’ Marinchenko said. Analysts also said that if the project were to run at full capacity, both Russia and Germany would not have to rely on Ukraine for its supply of natural fuel and its importance would be diminished.

International analyst claims Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline is Russia's strategic victoryIn the wake of the conflict with Ukraine that erupted after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia began looking for alternative ways to supply fuel to Europe. It was decided to build the Nord Stream fuel pipeline. The first phase was completed earlier and the ambitious ‘Nord Stream 2′ between Russia and Germany has now been completed. Russia has vowed to increase European countries’ fuel supply to 110 billion cubic meters through the 1,230-kilometer pipeline.

Former US President Donald Trump had taken an aggressive stance against the fuel pipeline and imposed sanctions. But after the change of administration in the US, both Russia and Germany moved swiftly to complete the project.

International analyst claims Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline is Russia's strategic victoryAlthough the US leadership has maintained some restrictions, the project has reportedly been approved. An agreement was reached between the US and Germany on the issue in July. President Joe Biden had claimed that the project was in its final stages and that it was too late to stop it.

Although the US opposition has waned, not all European countries are ready to accept the pipeline. Last month, Ukraine’s Prime Minister described the project as a dangerous geopolitical weapon in Russia’s hands. The Polish administration refers to the Nord Stream 2 as a hybrid weapon.

Donald Tusk, the Polish leader and former head of the European Council, has criticized the ‘Nord Stream 2’ as an unforgivable mistake and a symbol of arrogant German interests.

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