No need to fear the new coronavirus strain, claim Niti Aayog Members

New Delhi: – Niti Aayog member, Dr VK Paul, said that there have been no cases reported of the new strain of Coronavirus, found in the United Kingdom, in the country. Therefore, there is no reason to fear about the new strain of Coronavirus, but at the same time, it is necessary to be alert and cautious. Paul also claimed that the new strain of the Coronavirus would not affect the vaccine’s effectiveness; in short, the vaccine will be effective even against the new strain. The entire world has been terrorised with this new strain of Coronavirus. There has been a mutation in the Coronavirus and this has increased the rate of spread. Stringent lockdown was imposed in the United Kingdom, after this. Many countries have stopped the flights to and from the United Kingdom, to prevent the new strain into the country. India took this decision on Monday. But the passengers who arrived from there, before the suspension came into effect, are being subjected to testing and are being quarantined. Their travel history is also being verified.   

All the passengers coming from the United Kingdom were tested Covid positive on various Indian airports. Seven passengers were found Corona positive on Amritsar airport. Five passengers tested positive on Ahmedabad airport. One of them is a British citizen. Five passengers were found to be carrying the Coronavirus even on the Delhi airport. Two passengers returning from the United Kingdom were found Corona positive at the Kolkata airport.   

But none of them was found to be infected with the new strain. The new strain of Coronavirus is dangerous as it spreads more rapidly. But at the same time, no one has been reported to have died or become critical with this infection. Only the rate of spread is enormous. Therefore, there is no need to fear and get terrorised by the new strain. Only precautions are necessary, said Niti Aayog member Dr VK Paul. Mutation in the virus is a common phenomenon. Paul Underlined that mutation has been observed in many viruses.   

Paul also clarified that the Coronavirus vaccine would not be administered to children. The guidelines for administration of the vaccine have been decided based on international standards. The threat of Coronavirus infection is more in grownups. Paul drew attention to the fact that the trials conducted so far have only been on adult subjects.   

Meanwhile, since the last 7 days, 124 cases are being reported, per million, in India. The international rate is 577, per million. The death rate in India is also low at 2 per million. Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary with the health ministry, said that this shows that the spread of Coronavirus has been contained in India. Bhushan also underlined that the total number of patients under treatment in the country’s 26 states has dropped below 10,000 as of now. 

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