No Helmet No Fuel: Maharashtra Transport Minister

helmetMumbai –  Since it is mandatory to wear helmet while riding motorcycle, Maharashtra government has decided that two- wheeler riders without helmets will be denied fuel in the city petrol pumps. Earlier, Telangana government had implemented the No Helmet No Fuel rule.

Most riders who die of head injuries are found riding without helmet. Hence, every motorist should wear helmet in order to reduce these kinds of accidents. State Transport Minister, Diwakar Raote, told the Assembly on Thursday that a helmet drive would be launched across the State. “The road safety committee appointed by the Supreme Court has recommended that a helmet is necessary both for the person riding a bike and the pillion rider. There will be no fuel given if the rider does not wear a helmet.” This decision was already taken by Mumbai High Court in the month of February that it is compulsory for pillion rider to wear helmet.

Mumbai Traffic police has already tied up with the petrol pumps in order to implement the compulsion of helmet rule as per Motor Vehicle Act.

Since motorists are avoiding the use of helmets, they will now be forced to produce their helmets before they fuel their vehicles at any petrol pump in the city.

The drive  is set to be implemented from the 1st of August. Mr. Milind Bharambe, Joint Police Commissioner (Traffic) told all riders to use helmet that have an ISI mark to avoid accidents.

Transport authorities have thus announced the decision of ‘No Helmet No Fuel’ rule in order to encourage the use of helmet.

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