Mysterious explosions in Iranian power plant and oil pipeline

Tehran: The series of suspicious blasts and fires continue, and more such fires were reported from three vital installations in Iran. On Sunday, there was a suspicious blast in the power project supplying electricity to the Natanz nuclear plant. At the beginning of this month, a fire at the Natanz nuclear project had caused major damages. It was accused that Israel was responsible for the fire at the Natanz nuclear project. Against this background, one more explosion in an installation linked to Natanz increases the seriousness of the developments.

Iran-FireOn Sunday, a fire was reported, following suspicious blasts, from two locations in Iran. These include Islamabad power project in the Isfahan Province. There was a sudden fire in the morning, followed by explosions. The Iran government news agency reported that the transformer installed in the project was burnt to ashes in the fire. After that, the power supply in the concerned region had been shut for some time. But the Iranian news agency reported that the agencies, acting swiftly, restored the power supply in a short time. The Natanz nuclear project is also located in the Isfahan province, and the power for this project comes from the same power plant where the fire was reported on Sunday.

In the next few hours, a major fire was reported from a mobile factory in north-west Iran. The Iranian media reported that the factory suffered major damages in the fire. But eyewitnesses said that the fire started in the compound of the thermal power project there. Therefore, the Iranian agencies seem to be hiding something regarding the suspicious fire. As per received reports, before both these incidents on Sunday, there were explosion and fire at the fuel pipeline in the Ahwaz Province in southern Iran. The Iranian agencies have not revealed the reason for the fire. This has deepened the mystery surrounding the suspicious fires.

In the last month, suspicious fires were reported from eight locations in Iran. These included a missile storage facility near capital Tehran and the Natanz nuclear project. At the same time, a fire was reported from a power project, chemical factory and a shipbuilding facility at the Bushehr port. The fire at the Natanz nuclear project attracted the attention of the entire world. Iran government has still not revealed any reasons for the fire. But a US newspaper had alleged that Israel caused this fire through cyberattacks on the Natanz nuclear project.

Thereafter, Iran had threatened to retaliate against Israel if it was proved that Israel was indeed responsible for the fire at the Natanz nuclear project. But the Iranian government is maintaining silence in the matter citing security reasons. The advanced centrifuges necessary in the Iranian nuclear program are manufactured in the Natanz nuclear project. But the suspicious fire reported from the project at the beginning of the month caused major damages to these centrifuges, and it is claimed that the fire has set the Iranian nuclear program back by nearly 2 to 3 years.

Meanwhile, the Iranian people have started protesting against the Rouhani government agitated due to the increasing menace of Coronavirus pandemic in the country, collapsing economy and US sanctions. Anti-government protests have started in many of the Iranian cities, and the government has deployed Revolutionary Guards to control the agitation. The repercussions of the hide and seek by the Rouhani government, regarding the suspicious fires in this month are also being felt in the protests, which have started in various Iranian cities.

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