Must carry out cyber attacks on Russia; aggressive demand from a senior Danish leader

Third World WarCopenhagen: The option to proactively adopt an aggressive stand also should be available, along with retaliating against an attack on Denmark. If you can act aggressively before an attack is initiated from the other side, the attacker himself will get the realisation as to what is getting wounded’ indicated senior leader from Denmark, Naser Khader to indicate that if necessary Denmark can carry out cyber attacks against Russia.

Only last week, the Netherlands and Australia along with the United Kingdom had levelled a crushing accusation that there was Russian intelligence behind the cyber attacks worldwide. There had been a stormy discussion about the cyberattacks in the meeting of the NATO Defence Ministers in Brussels, before levelling these accusations against Russia. During the meeting, the US Secretary of Defence has assured the NATO countries that the United States will make its cyber prowess available to the them.

cyber attack, russia, danish leader, denmarkMattis had said that the United Kingdom, Denmark and Estonia will be a part of the United States’ plan. These countries will make their technology and the manpower necessary for cyber warfare available to the NATO countries, clarified the US Secretary of Defence in the NATO meeting. The Russia will also suffer from the effects of the cyberattacks carried out by the country, he also warned.

Against the background of the warning issued by the US Secretary of Defence, the statement of the senior Danish leader about direct cyberattacks against Russia gains significance. Naser Khader is the chief of the security committee of the Danish Parliament. He had indicated in an interview that Denmark can resort to a cyberattack instead of retaliating against a cyberattack.

‘We are aware as to who is carrying out cyberattacks on us. Along with the Fancy Bear group associated with the Russian intelligence agency we are being attacked by groups in China, North Korea and Iran. Some companies funded by the Russian government also have developed a network of hackers. I will not instructions as to how the attack should be carried out. That is the work of the intelligence agencies and experts. But as a person responsible for taking the decision, I would certainly advocate an aggressive option’ were Naser Khader’s words to openly indicate the cyberwar.

cyber attack, russia, danish leader, denmarkThe Danish Defence Ministry has prepared a proposal about the cyberattacks, which clarifies that the country has the expertise in the sector and it can be used. It also assures that the independent agency to carry out cyberattacks at the fullest strength will become operational by 2019.

It is believed that the countries like the United States, China, Russia, Israel, Iran have the capabilities of advanced cyberweapons necessary for the cyberwarfare. After these countries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia have also said to have developed advanced capabilities to aggressively use cyberattacks. NATO the group of the United States and European countries are also said to be aggressively preparing for the cyber warfare.

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