Munich Attack brings issue of ‘Gun Control’ in Germany to fore

Munich / Berlin (News Agency) : The indiscriminate firing in the city of Munich in the province of Bavaria in Germany has brought the issue of ‘Gun Control’ to forefront. Germany’s Vice-Chancellor and the Federal Minister of Interior both have given clear indications to review the laws relating to use of guns and make them stricter. Eighteen years old Ali David Sonboly had indiscriminately opened fire at the ‘Olympia Mall’ in Munich in which 9 people had lost their lives.Munich attack brings issue of 'Gun Control' in Germany to fore

‘All possible steps will have to be taken to control and limit the use of deadly weapons. Investigation is on to find out how the mentally unbalanced attacker got access to a gun. ‘Gun Control’ is an important issue’, said Mr. Sigmar Gabriel, Vice-Chancellor of Germany.

Mr. Thomas de Maiziere, German Federal Minister of Interior announced that the gun laws in the country are being reviewed, and if required necessary improvements will be made in them. The Interior Minister of the province of Bavaria in Germany has suggested that deployment of military forces will be considered in case of terrorist attacks and similar disasters.

Ali David Sonboly, the attacker in the mall in the German city of Munich is reported to be holding a dual citizenship. The local police have clarified that Sonboly was psychologically unstable, and was not under the influence of any terrorist or a fanatic religious organization. It is also reported that Sonboly’s family came to Germany in the year 1990 and he was born in Germany.

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