Mumbai police demolish human trafficking racket after email with Pakistan link

Mumbai: Mumbai police received an email claiming that seven terrorists, trained in Pakistan, have landed in Mumbai. Mumbai police and the central investigating agencies carried out an investigation based on the email and busted a racket of human trafficking. The Pakistan link in the email received by the Mumbai police was false and it shed light on the illegal human trafficking into the United States through Canada.

Mumbai police demolish human trafficking racket after email with Pakistan linkMankhurd police received information regarding terrorists returning from Pakistan on 20th February. The police received an email from a person named Ramesh Makhan. The email mentioned seven people, including one woman. The email claimed that these people had gone to Pakistan via Dubai and were returning after receiving terrorist training.

The email rocked the investigating agencies. The investigating agencies swung into action on receiving information of trained terrorists reaching Mumbai, at a time, when US President Trump is coming on his India visit. The Mumbai crime branch and central investigation agencies launched a joint operation. Thereafter, seven people were arrested from Mankhurd.

Although the names of the people have not been disclosed, it is claimed in the investigation that the Pakistan links of all these people are fake. But it also came up that these people were planning to illegally enter the United States. A human trafficking gang was to help them to enter the United States through Canada. The gang had been paid nearly $25,000 to $30,000 for these people’s entry into the United States. All these people have their relatives in the United States. It is suspected that the money was paid to bring these people from Mumbai to the United States. Further investigations are going on in this matter.

Meanwhile, only two days ago, it was reported that a total of 7,720 Indians had been arrested for illegal entry into the United States. In 2017, 4,620 Indians had been arrested and a claim has been made quoting the US agencies that 7,720 Indians were arrested during the period 2018 to 2019.

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