Mossad Chief to have a special meeting with US President

Tel Aviv: – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be sending Yasi Kohen, the Chief of Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, to the United States. As per received information, Kohen will be visiting the United States to present the Israeli stand in front of the Biden administration. An Israeli news channel carried this report. Kohen is known to be a trusted colleague of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Kohen had been in Iran to extract detailed information regarding the Iranian nuclear program three ymossad-us-presidentears ago. The Israeli Prime Minister then exposed the information in front of the international media. Iran had been severely rocked with this Kohen operation.   

Meanwhile, the Israeli media claims that Kohen will visit Joe Biden, the new US President, and present the Israeli stand regarding Iran. At the same time, the Mossad Chief is scheduled to meet the Chief of CIA, the US intelligence agency.   

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