‘Missile drill’ In Japanese capital to counter the threat of missile attacks by North Korea

Tokyo: Japan has started all round preparations to counter the dangers of the irresponsible nuclear and missile tests conducted by North Korea. All possible measures are being taken to keep the Japanese population prepared for an eventuality of a North Korean offensive. A rehearsal was conducted about the same with a ‘missile drill’ on Monday. This is the first time that a ‘missile drill’ of this kind has been conducted in the Japanese capital Tokyo.

The ‘missile drill’ was started at about 10 am in the central part ‘Tokyo dome’. More than 350 employees and civilians from the park, subway station and the local administration office participated in the drill. In the beginning of the drill there was an announcement of ‘J-alert emergency advisory’.

Missile-drillThe people were warned with the announcement like ‘This is Tokyo dome city. A missile has been launched. Those who are outside, please calmly evacuate to nearby buildings or underground passage. Those of you indoors, please remain in your position’. The drill was called off after the survey showed that the instructions were observed properly.

In case of a missile launch by North Korea, it can reach Japan in 10 minutes and the citizens need to be moved to safe places before that. According to the senior officials, this drill was conducted with the same intention. Since North Korea increased the nuclear and missile testing, Japan has conducted about 26 ‘drills’ in different parts of the country. This drill for the missile attack eventuality was the first one to be conducted.

Japan has already deployed ‘Patriot’ and ‘Aegis’ anti-missile systems to counter the possible missile attack by North Korea.

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