100 killed after military forces in Sudan opened fire, protest against the military rule escalated

Third World WarKhartoum: There are indications that instability in Sudan continues, even after the ousting of the former dictator, Omar Bashir. A non-cooperation protest has been initiated in Sudan, against the Military Council that replaced Bashir stalling the day-to-day activities in many parts of the country, including the capital Khartoum. The military seems to be on an arrest spree to dismantle the protest and violent action against the protestors has been reported in some parts. It is claimed that the violent actions taken by the military have resulted in 100 deaths, in Sudan, so far.

Two months ago, the Sudanese military revolted and successfully expelled former President Omar Bashir. Although the military council has taken over the power following that, the discontent in the people of Sudan has still not subsided. The groups initially protesting against Bashir and then against the military council have forwarded a demand that there has to be civilian representation in the ruling military council. Other than that, the opposition has taken an aggressive stance on the issues like elections, an amendment to the constitution and democratic reforms.

The military is upset with the stand of the opposition and has initiated efforts to create a divide among the protesters to crush the protests. The military resorted to tear gas and force vacant the place where the protesters had gathered. However, the military opened fire as the protesters did not retreat despite these attempts. It is said that more than 70 protesters were killed in the firing. The military council blamed the protesters of being responsible for this military action.

sudan, military actionInfuriated by this action, the protesters have initiated moves to take the protests to the next level. As a part of this, a non-cooperation protest has been started, since Sunday. Citizens from many cities, including capital Khartoum, have been participating in this protest and government offices, shops, schools, private undertakings and transport remained shut entirely. Therefore, many parts of the country were deserted, and the military’s oppression has received a severe jolt.

Disturbed by the support received by the opposition, the military is trying various options to break the protest. The leaders of the protest have been forcibly expelled from the country. Military units have been deployed in the cities to pressurize locals to reopen the shops and offices. Action is being taken on those opposing the military, and reportedly a minimum of 4 people have been killed in this action. The local groups have claimed that more than 100 people have lost their lives in the action, taken by the military and the other security agencies.

Meanwhile, the repercussions of the action taken by the military council in Sudan are being felt at the international level. The African Union has declared expulsion of Sudan from the group. The US sources indicated that Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy appointed for Africa will be visiting Sudan and will attempt to mediate between the military and the protesters. It has been revealed that the visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister last week to mediate a truce between the opposition groups, has failed.

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