Mig-29 crashes in Punjab; pilots safe  

New Delhi: Indian Airforce’s Mig-29 fighter jet aircraft crashed in Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district. Fortunately, both the pilots are safe and sound, as they ejected right before the accident.   

On Friday, the Mig-29 aircraft took a flight for its routine drill from the airbase in Jalandhar, but it met with a crash sometime later. This crash took place in Hoshiarpur’s Roorkee region. The plane is said to have crashed due to technical faults. Two pilots were flying in it during the time. However, they ejected in time and landed with the help of a parachute. Besides, this crash happened in an open space, so no life was harmed.  

This crash is being investigated and only then will the reason behind it can be understood, said the Airforce officials. The Indian Airforce has more than 65 Mig-29 aircraft. These aircraft had recently been upgraded with avionics and advance weapons. In February, another Mig-29k of the Indian Navy had crashed in the Arabian Sea near the coast of Goa.   

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