Malaysia tests missiles from destroyers and submarines in the South China Sea

Kuala Lumpur – The Malaysian Navy has performed rare demonstrations in the South China Sea area, launching missiles from destroyers and submarines. These missiles have penetrated precise targets and sent a message that the Malaysian Navy is ready to protect its maritime interests. The Malaysian Navy avoided naming any country. But two months ago, Malaysia took an aggressive stance on the Chinese intrusion into the South China Sea region. Therefore, indications are that the Malaysian Navy’s action is to send a message to China. Meanwhile, the Navy had participated in a US-led exercise last week.


Malaysia, South China Sea, Missile Tests, China, submarinesThe Malaysian Navy’s ‘Taming Sari’ exercise has been held recently. During the exercise, the Malaysian Navy launched three Exocet missiles. The Exocet MM40 Block Two missiles were fired from two Kasturi class destroyers, the KD Kasturi and the KD Lekir. These missiles are used to target locations in enemy territory. The KS Tun Razak, a Scorpene-class submarine, tested the anti-destroyer missile Exocet SM39 Block Two. The submarine launched the rocket while underwater, the Malaysian Navy said.

‘All three missiles hit their targets precisely during this test. This shows the professionalism, strength and readiness of the Malaysian Navy for any deployment. The Malaysian Navy also announced that it was ready to safeguard the country’s maritime interests. The exercise, which took place in the South China Sea region, was attended by at least 1,000 Malaysian defence personnel.

Malaysia, South China Sea, Missile Tests, China, submarinesWhile informing about the missile tests conducted by the Malaysian Navy, direct mention of China, which claims sovereignty over the South China Sea, was avoided. However, international analysts argue that the Malaysian Navy’s missile test is anti-China. Over the past few months, the dispute over the South China Sea between China and Southeast Asian countries has been blamed for this.

On June, 16 Chinese military planes flew over the South China Sea and infiltrated Malaysia’s airspace. Chinese planes dashed as far as the border with Malaysia’s Borno state. Taking this seriously, Malaysia sent its fighter jets to repel the Chinese infiltration planes. The Chinese ambassador was also summoned.

Malaysia, South China Sea, Missile Tests, China, submarinesDo not be misled into believing that Malaysia will compromise its security because of the friendly cooperation with China, Malaysia warned. Analysts had raised eyebrows over the stance taken by Malaysia against China, which has adopted a restrained stance in the South China Sea dispute.

Meanwhile, with the help of satellites and ground-based systems, China is reportedly spying on regional and foreign ships travelling through the South China Sea. In such a scenario, the test carried out by Malaysia from destroyers and submarines becomes crucial.

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