Maharashtra govt announces major relief for milk farmers

Mumbai: Milk farmers are suffering significant losses as the lockdown has resulted in a decline in the sale of milk. Maharashtra is currently under lockdown for containing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. The Maharashtra state government has therefore taken the decision to purchase 1 lakh litres of milk from the farmers, at the rate of ₹25 per litre to avert the wastage. The government has informed that the purchase would continue for two months till the end of the Coronavirus crisis.  

The drop in demand has put the milk business and the milk farmers in crisis. As the milk is not being accepted in villages, the state will be providing relief for the farmers. Around 12 lakh litres of milk, is produced in the Maharashtra state daily of which 10 lakh litres are in excess. In private markets, the milk rate has slipped by ₹15 to ₹17 per litre. The price drop has hit the milk farmers hard.   

The Maharashtra government will thus purchase 10 lakh litres of milk at ₹25 per litre through milk cooperative societies. In a recent meeting, the decision was taken to store milk by converting it into milk powder, which would be later sold online. The procurement will be made through the state’s dairy cooperative federation. 

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